Pals Activity Center
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Welcome to Pals Activity Center’s new website. You’ll find information on the care and services we offer, as well as new and updated information about all of our activities.

Pals Activity Center

We’re a well-known preschool and child care center that caters to the children in our community of Pasadena, TX. Children from birth to 5 years old are cared for at our school.

Pals Activity Center is a licensed and supervised daycare that helps parents get subsidies they are entitled to, and accepts children on a sliding fee basis based on their income.

What We Do

We care for all children at Pals Activity Center, including those with special needs. At the center, our teachers are trained to work with children at all stages of development.

You’ll find information about our lovely facilities, our employees, and our overall care here in our new web home.

Who We Serve

At Pals Activity Center, we serve and care for children in the community of Pasadena, Texas.

Get In Touch

To find out more, the next step is to book a tour with our director, Deepa Rao. She’ll give you a free one-on-one consolation to examine all your options and get you the very best care for your child.


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