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WN Blakesley Pasadena, TX Daycare

Pals Activity Center is just a 5-minute drive from WN Blakesley Pasadena, TX. 

Follow this driving instruction to reach our daycare center. 

If you’re driving from WN Blakesley, head west on Pasadena freeway Frontage Rd toward S Witter St and turn left onto Randall St. Turn left onto Pasadena Freeway Frontage Rd and turn right onto S Red Bluff Rd. And when you reach Burke Rd, turn right.

  View our location in Pasadena, TX for more information, or see our map below for directions from WN Blakesley to Pals Activity Center.

Parents go from as far away as South Houston to bring their children to our school because of the high standards and reputation over the years.
Many residents of WN Blakesley feel that Pals Activity Center is the ideal place for their child’s preschool because of our proximity.

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About WN Blakesley Pasadena, TX

One of the most incredible things about this neighborhood is that it has a lot of excellent restaurants that you can go to. There’s something for everyone in terms of what types of food they offer. For example, there’s a BBQ place with delicious sandwiches and a pizzeria with fantastic pizza, to name a few. One other thing that you will like about the area is that it has bicycle trails that you can use for exercise or commuting to work. This neighborhood is entertaining. There are always people out walking their dogs or riding bikes in the morning. The community is also very safe.
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When it comes to families with children, having access to local parks, playgrounds, childcare facilities, and well-regarded preschools are essential. Proximity to quality childcare centers is essential, particularly for families with children who have full-time jobs.

The WN Blakesley company was founded in 1877 by Walter N. Blakesley, who would later establish the city of Pasadena as an independent municipality. After studying law at Harvard University, he moved to Los Angeles and became a successful lawyer. He then turned his legal skills to real estate development, founding Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. He lived until 1925 and had no children; thus, the company’s name expired with him.
On September 2nd, 1877 by Walter N. Blakesley after finishing school at Harvard Law School. The original headquarters were located in downtown L.A. where they produced cigars since it was the most profitable business (Cigars were famous and the only affordable way to smoke tobacco at the time). However, Walter decided to open a new factory and headquarters in Pasadena after acquiring around 1,000 acres of land from General George S. Patton (founder of the city of San Marino). The location was adjacent to his real estate development he opened soon after called Buena Vista (later renamed Pasadena).

Walter N. Blakesley in 1885 with his horse-drawn carriage and one of his cigars (notice how it’s called an “insulated cigar”)
The headquarters and factory building were designed by the architect G.B. Snook, who was previously responsible for creating Los Angeles Court House and the Saint Vibiana Cathedral in downtown L.A. The WN Blakesley building was designed to be a “modern marvel” of its time, complete with state-of-the-art ventilation systems and fireproof construction materials. The original office building itself is still standing today on South Raymond Avenue in Pasadena. It’s been home to several different companies, most recently the Acca Temple Corporation who has occupied it since 1991. The factory building was located directly next to it on Raymond Ave. and is the main structure that’s still standing today, albeit in deplorable conditions.

It consisted of roughly 20-30 tobacco curing barns arranged into 12 stacks of 3 barns each, resulting in a total of 36 tobacco barns. Each pile was separated by wide green pathways and horse corrals to make moving wagons around the lot more straightforward. In 1897 Walter N. Blakesley hired architect George Wyman to design a 2-story office building for his headquarters on South Raymond Ave. in Pasadena. He later added another story to the facility for extra office space, resulting in its towering height of 60 feet (18.2m). The WN Blakesley company was widely considered ‘the tobacco king’ of southern California with offices and trademarks all around the country (including Newport cigarettes), but their reign would not last forever. Walter died in 1925, leaving the company’s ownership to his wife Lillian Blakesley, who would later sell it to William S. Paley (founder of CBS) in 1928 for $500,000.
The original factory building was demolished sometime in the 1960s while its main office building still stands today on South Raymond Ave. in Pasadena.

Since then, the building has been home to several different companies, such as Acca Temple Corporation (the current owner leasing it since 1991). It was built in the Romanesque style and measured 60 feet high and 130 feet long with a footprint of 36×90 (3,600 square feet). The architect was George Wyman, responsible for designing the Saint Vibiana Cathedral in downtown L.A. This is the WN Blakesley Cigar Factory building today. It’s abandoned and decaying, with graffiti all over its exterior walls. It appears to be in deplorable conditions with windows missing, roof parts collapsed, and part of its southern facade missing. The green canopies that were once over each of the tobacco barns are now gone, but the stone paths and horse corrals remain intact.

The factory was originally built with a single-story office building on top of an underground storage room (30×80 feet). The original office building still stands today and is currently occupied by the Acca Temple Corporation.
The factory building is located directly behind it and is the main structure that still stands to this day, albeit in deplorable conditions. On its southern side, you’ll notice multiple skylights that allow sunlight to shine through the tobacco-curing barns below. It’s not clear if they are still operable today or not.

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