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In Westfall, Pasadena, TX, you may choose the best daycare for your child. The Pals Activity Center is just 5 minutes away.

From Westfall, turn left at the first cross street onto Pasadena Blvd then turn right at the first cross street onto Harris Ave. When you reach Burke Road, turn right.

View our location in Pasadena, TX for more information, or see our map below for directions from Westfall to Pals Activity Center.

Because of our school’s excellent standards and reputation, parents come from as far as South Houston to enroll their children.
Many people feel that Pals Activity Center is the ideal location for their child’s preschool because of our proximity to Westfall.

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About Westfall, Pasadena, TX

After establishing the Westfall Company in 1980 by Dave Stafford and Peter Johnston, they set out to find a location that would be suitable for a new headquarters. They finally decided on a 15-acre plot in Pasadena, Texas, near a planned freeway construction site. In 1981, Westfall developed plans for the company’s headquarters to include three phases of development. The first phase consisted of administrative offices and an electronic warehouse. In 1984, Westfall completed Phase I and moved into the administrative offices and electronic warehouse. In 1985, Westfall incorporated additional space for warehouses and manufacturing facilities. This development was completed in 1986. In 1987, after completing Phase III of the facility plan, Westfall moved its shipping and receiving department to their new facility.

Since 1987, Westfall has continually developed additional space for mail order processing, customer service areas, office space, and warehousing presses. These expansions were completed in 1989, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 2001 & 2007 respectively. Having access to local parks, playgrounds, childcare facilities, and well-regarded preschools is essential for families with children. The proximity of high-quality childcare facilities is essential for all families. Still, it is significant for families with working parents.

Westfall, Pasadena is a small city in the heart of Southern California. It has a rich history that can be traced back to 1887, founded as an orange grove by brothers George and William Westfall. The town increased during the 1940s thanks to the post-war boom but then declined for several decades after that. However, there have been signs of revival in recent years, with new businesses opening all over town and many vacant lots being used again. One thing remains constant no matter what decade you’re talking about: people are drawn here because of its unique sense of community and shared values which makes it one heckuva great place to live!

1) A Descendant of Pioneers
One thing that makes Pasadena stand out is its rich history. The Westfalls, the city’s founders, were pioneers who envisioned a community where people could raise their families in peace and security. Nowadays, the descendants of those first settlers are still living here among us!

2) A City of Change
The city’s motto is “A City of Change and a Living History,” It couldn’t be more fitting. History buffs can visit the Southwest Museum, one of the oldest museums in the country, where you’ll find exhibits on Native Americans, Spanish exploration, and Californian life before the arrival of European settlers. If you want to see the area in its earliest days, visit the Gamble House, a restored Arts and Crafts bungalow that was once home to Charles and Henry Greene, two of Pasadena’s most famous architects during the early 20th century.

3) A City of Diversity
We’re proud of our city’s diversity. Germans, Japanese, Scots, African Americans, Italians. The list goes on, and there’s probably someone just like you living here!

4) A City of Friends
It has to be said that people in Pasadena tend to get along pretty well with each other. When something happens in town, you’ll find townspeople banding together to solve whatever problem arises.

5) A City of History
Our city is the birthplace of many famous people, including President Richard Nixon and award-winning actress Sarah Jessica Parker. There are countless other examples, but all in all, it just goes to show that before we were the Westfalls, we were the people of Pasadena!

6) A City of Creativity
You can’t mention Pasadena without talking about its rich artistic tradition. Home to the famous Rose Bowl Parade and Tournament of Roses, this city has always celebrated creativity in all its forms. The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) nurtures the world’s brightest scientific minds and has even produced several Nobel Prize winners! The famous Norton Simon Museum, too, is full of priceless artworks by favorite artists.

7) A City That Believes in Dreams
Have you ever heard about the Tournament of Roses Parade? A dream inspired it! The Rose Queen makes her way down Colorado Boulevard in a flowery chariot pulled by six Clydesdale horses every year. And if you want to see the parade come to life, make sure you visit Pasadena during the first week of January!

8) A City That Believes in Singing
Everyone knows about Pasadena’s rich musical heritage thanks to the Beatles, but did you know that this city was also home to Bing Crosby? He left behind fond memories of his hometown when he sang “Where the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day).” And then there’s another famous song about Pasadena.

9) A City That Believes in Love
No surprise it’s “I Love You, California!” This song was written by Irving Bibo way back in 1922 and has been an unofficial anthem for the state ever since. If you live here, hold your head high because you’re living in California’s finest city!

10) A City That Believes in You
The Westfalls founded the city with this belief, and it remains true today. You’re comfortable here, surrounded by friendly people who will always make you feel welcomed!

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