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Tanglebriar Pasadena, TX Daycare

Pals Activity Center is just a 5-minute drive from Tanglebriar Pasadena, TX. 

Follow this driving instruction to reach our daycare center. 

If you’re driving from Tanglebriar, turn left at the first cross street onto Deepwater Ave. When you reach Burke Rd, turn right and you’ll see our daycare center if you drive straight.

View our location in Pasadena, TX for more information, or see our map below for directions from Tanglebriar to Pals Activity Center.

Parents go from as far away as South Houston to bring their children to our school because of the high standards and reputation over the years.
Many residents of Tanglebriar feel that Pals Activity Center is the ideal place for their child’s preschool because of our proximity.

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About Breezy Side Pasadena, TX

Tanglebriar is a city in Pasadena County, Texas, United States. The population was 1,469 at the 2010 census.
The nice thing about the Tanglebriar Pasadena Texas area is that it has plenty of animal species. The best thing about this is that you might be able to find something new every day. This area has deer, squirrels, ducks, rabbits, raccoons. This is perfect if you enjoy hiking or biking in your free time. You will most likely run into some of these animals during your daily routine.

If you live in the Tanglebriar Pasadena Texas area, there are several well known universities near you. One of the top health professions university is St. Luke’s Episcopal Health profession school, which was ranked #1 in the nation for medical assisting education by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). They offer many programs including Radiography and even a Phlebotomy program.

People often ask if it’s safe to live in Tanglebriar Pasadena Texas. The answer will vary depending on the person because there are so many factors that could affect their decision.
Some of these things include family, children or grandchildren, work, and lifestyle preferences. It is a good idea to research Tanglebriar Pasadena Texas before making a final decision on where you want to live your life because they might be different from your hometown.

Access to neighborhood parks, playgrounds, childcare facilities, and well-regarded preschools is critical for families with children. Proximity to high-quality daycare facilities is critical, even more so for families with working parents. The first known record of Tanglebriar Pasadena, the first suburb established in the city, was made by Dr. Charles L. Meece on September 27th, 1887. The land was originally owned by two farmers who had already been living there for close to twenty years before it became part of the city limits. They are said to have chosen this spot because they found a dingleberry bush growing so thickly that it appeared impenetrable at first glance, which is how they came up with their name for their property.

The story goes that one day these two men were out hunting deer when they happened upon what would become Tanglebriar Pasadena while looking for a game in an area now called Northbrook. They had been following a buck when the animal disappeared into the thick brush and was about to give up when they noticed a place in the bush where there seemed to be less growth. When they investigated this anomaly, they found a break in the foliage big enough for them to follow their target inside, leading them down a narrow path inside the border. They could tell that the bush had been violently hacked back to create this trail and realized it must be a deer run.
The hunters continued cautiously, but at some point, one of them disappeared into the undergrowth altogether. His companion turned back to see what had become of him but could not find his tracks or any sign of where he had gone. When the first hunter finally stumbled out of the thicket, he was disoriented and pale as a sheet. Although his friend asked him what had happened, he could not recall any such experience and claimed that he must have gotten turned around.

The following day, this same man came into town looking for men to accompany him back out to the tangleberry thicket to investigate the place where he had lost his companion. However, by that time, any trace of passage had been obscured by overgrowth, and no one was willing to go with him. They heard later that this same man died in a hunting accident shortly afterwards and is said to have appeared as a ghost on the site of his disappearance ever since.
The primary story of the suburb itself takes place in 1888, two years after Tanglebriar Pasadena was established and three years after Dr. Meece’s visit. A man named Mr. Ballard Hill moved to Northbrook from Chicago with his wife because he had heard there were large tracts of land available for purchase as far as the eye could see. He purchased a plot of land and built himself a small house which he used as a hunting camp where he could stay while his dream home was being constructed. This isolated house became their primary residence during that time, but Mrs. Hill grew lonesome for her friends back in Chicago.

It occurred to Mrs. Hill that she could charter a train and invite some of her friends to join them on an expedition out to Tanglebriar Pasadena for the weekend instead of having everyone make the long trip all at once. Mr. Hill had no objection as long as she was careful not to go over budget on their new house. He began sending supplies out to Tanglebriar Pasadena in preparation for the visit. Still, when he realized that this was not enough, he began hiring men to help him build a hunting cabin on his property to serve as an entertainment center.
When Mrs. Hill finally came out with her guests, they arrived at what seemed like a small house in the middle of nowhere which was not what they were expecting. Mrs. Hill told them as much as she could about their location and history, but everyone seemed to giggle and whisper more than usual that weekend. When the guests began returning home on Monday, most of them refused to talk about what had happened out at Tanglebriar Pasadena, which only made Mrs. Hill all the more determined to discover what they were hiding.

That night, Mrs. Hill sent word to the men that there would be an extra big breakfast at Tanglebriar Pasadena to thank them for their hard work on setting up the hunting cabin. Still, when she went outside to clear off the table after they had finished, she found that the men had fled and taken all of their equipment with them. Mrs. Hill’s guests returned home without her and told everyone they knew about Tanglebriar Pasadena, but no one was willing to join them on another expedition out there. Two years later, Mr. Hill built a large house at Tanglebriar Pasadena, which he used as an office when he went out to inspect his property. The house had all the modern conveniences for those days, but Mrs. Hill never set foot in it since her husband was always away working on their land. That is until one day, Mr. Ballard Hill came home from a business trip with bad news—all of the grounds nearby were being bought up for a new subdivision, and he had done nothing to stop it.

The Hills tried to postpone the eviction, but eventually, they were forced to sell off all of their surrounding property except for the hunting cabin, which did not seem worth anything at that point. When Mrs. Hill packed her few belongings and prepared to move out, she ordered her husband to sell the cabin and everything else they had.
The night before Mrs. Hill’s departure, her husband was killed in a hunting accident when he followed his prey too far into Tanglebriar Pasadena. The next morning, after all of this, had transpired, there were no signs of Mr. Ballard Hill other than a bloody hunting rifle and a boot outside the cabin. No one was willing to go into Tanglebriar Pasadena because of its mysterious history.

So Mrs. Hill decided it would be best to sell off all of their remaining possessions and move away from the area before her husband’s murderer came looking for the next.
Since then, there have been at least two separate occasions when people have tried to build a schoolhouse in Tanglebriar Pasadena only to have it burn down before completion. The first time this happened, there were no witnesses, and all of the labor and material had been donated (including a large sum of money from Mrs. Hill). Still, the second incident left three dead and no one willing to take credit for the project because of all the weird rumors surrounding Tanglebriar Pasadena.

To this day, there are still those who try to discover what happened at Tanglebriar Pasadena, even though several “explorers” have been found dead as a result. It is almost as if their lives are not their own anymore, and they are forced to suffer the same fate as the men who built that forest retreat.

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