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Red Bluff Pasadena, TX Daycare

Pals Activity Center is a nearby child care option if you live in or near Red Bluff.

We’re just off Red Bluff Rd on a quiet street called Burke Road. View our Pasadena, TX location page for more information or scroll down for directions from Red Bluff to Pals Activity Center.

Parents drive from as far as South Houston to send their children to our school because of its excellent standards and reputation.

Because we’re close by, many Red Bluff parents use us as a drop-off location for their children before traveling to work.

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About Red Bluff Pasadena, TX

Want to live in a great area near other people who love sports? Red Bluff Pasadena, TX is a town that has everything from hiking trails to theater. If you’re looking for a place full of life and culture, Red Bluff Pasadena, TX is the town for you! Red Bluff is a town located in Pasadena, Texas. Red Bluff is home to many restaurants and shops such as the Marmalade Cafe, Buns Master Bakery, and Golden Grill Restaurant. Within Red Bluff is Schumann Jr High School, which has nearly 2,000 students. The school has a variety of programs such as ESL, fine arts, and career exploration. Schumann is also recognized for being a Model United Nations school.

Recreational spaces are abundant in Red Bluff Pasadena, TX. For example, you can hike at McClain State Park or enjoy the performing arts at the Contemporary Theater of Houston. Red Bluff’s surrounding neighborhoods include Rice Military, Tanglewood Forest, and River Oaks. Residents in Red Bluff Pasadena, TX enjoy a low crime rate. The rate of theft is only 8.9% out of 100%. You can look forward to a relatively quiet life in Red Bluff with very little noise disturbance.

In 1887, the first settlers arrived in Red Bluff. The land was originally settled by Native Americans of the Wintu tribe, who were displaced when gold was discovered on their land around 1850. These early settlers found Red Bluff to be a peaceful and beautiful place. But it did not take long for this new settlement to become an essential part of California’s Central Valley region. The town would grow steadily over time into a bustling city with many opportunities for employment and growth. Still, it would also face formidable challenges that threatened its stability at times throughout history. One such challenge came from floods caused by heavy rains in 1862-1863, which destroyed most of the buildings in town after being rebuilt following an earlier flood disaster in 1853. In 1917 another flood struck Red Bluff, ruining the railroads and other businesses. Floods would hit Red Bluff several more times over the years before a significant levee was built in 1962 to protect the city from even worse things to come.

If one could turn back time and ask those early settlers what they thought might be in store for the city they built, they probably wouldn’t have imagined Red Bluff would someday become known as the UFO capital of California. But that is indeed what happened in recent years when tourism to the area increased dramatically due to numerous reports of strange lights and unidentified flying objects being spotted around town.
Red Bluff is not alone in being known for its UFO sightings. More than 100 cities in California have reported the same kinds of stories over the years, including Roswell, NM, which became famous after an alleged UFO crash there in 1947. But others within the state are just as well-known for mysterious flying objects that defy explanation by experts or laypeople alike. With so many people claiming to see things in the skies above California, there is no doubt that something strange is undoubtedly going on up there.

It’s safe to live in Red Bluff Pasadena because it’s a happy, beautiful place. Red Bluff has been known for its UFO sightings. Although, Red Bluff Pasadena isn’t as famous for them as the other cities in California that have reported even bigger and more mysterious things like Roswell. The Levee started building in 1962 to protect the city from floods, and it is still standing strong today. Floods have hit the town of Red Bluff several times, but this Levee has helped protect them from being struck with anything worse. There have been many reports of UFO sightings around California. Many are glad that people bring these mysterious lights to light because it brings tourism and excitement to their town. Others believe they are unidentified flying objects!

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