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If you are looking for the best daycare for your child and currently living in Pasadena Terrace Pasadena, TX, you’re in the perfect place! Our Pals Activity Center is just a 6-minute drive away from you!

Driving from Pasadena Terrace, turn left on Walter St,  and turn right at the first cross street onto W Jackson Ave. Drive straight and when you reach Red Bluff Rd, turn right. Lastly, turn right onto Burke Rd.

View our location in Pasadena, TX for more information, or see our map below for directions from Pasadena Terrace to Pals Activity Center.

Parents go from as far away as South Houston to enroll their children due to our school’s high standards and reputation.
Due to our closeness to Pasadena Terrace, many residents believe that Pals Activity Center is the perfect location for their child’s preschool.

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About Pasadena Terrace Pasadena, TX

The Pasadena Terrace neighborhood of Pasadena, Texas, is a peaceful and relatively safe area. The homes range from modest to very expensive, having been built as early as the 1940s. Glenbrook Valley borders the neighborhood on the northeast, Bloomfield Road on the southwest, North Houston on the south, and Port Houston Drive on the northwest. It’s a lovely little pocket for those looking to escape city life with its rustic charm and friendly locals. The neighborhood is home to a number of small businesses, services, and shops. These include the Pasadena Civic Theater, the Pasadena Arts Council, and various cafes. There are also two parks nearby devoted to preserving local natural habitats. Pasadena Terrace is a beautiful place to live. It’s a charming little neighborhood with lots of potentials.

When it comes to families with children, having access to local parks, playgrounds, childcare facilities, and well-regarded preschools are essential. Proximity to quality childcare centers is essential, particularly for families with children who have full-time jobs. Pasadena Terrace Pasadena is one of the most prestigious residential communities in Southern California. It’s located just minutes from Old Town Pasadena and offers residents a quiet suburban lifestyle with easy access to all that Los Angeles provides. The community features tree-lined streets, manicured lawns, and an outdoor pool area for residents’ use. Besides housing some of the city’s wealthiest families, it also houses many members of Hollywood’s creative class who work nearby at NBC Universal Studios or are involved in other aspects of the entertainment industry. Its convenient location allows these creative types to maintain their careers while enjoying a more laid-back environment than they would find in LA proper.

Pasadena Terrace Pasadena was first developed as a suburban community in the early 1900s by a group of wealthy New York real estate developers. They built a series of Tudor-style homes modeled after those found in England’s picturesque Cotswolds region. In 1926 the same company that had developed Pasadena Terrace bought up all but 2 acres of what is now Woodbury University, and in 1930 they donated the 2 acres to Woodbury College. The house seen today in Pasadena Terrace was built in 1908 and has remained essentially unchanged since its construction.
The “Coty” House This home’s name stems from its resemblance to English cottages found in the Cotswolds region of England (pronounced “Cot-us”). The Cotswolds are a series of quaint villages in England, with remnants of their past being preserved on the outskirts of town. These homes were built hundreds of years ago by English farmers who needed to walk to the fields at sunrise and back home again at sundown.
Today many of these cottages are owned by wealthy people who use them as second homes or vacation getaways. The homes in Pasadena Terrace aren’t nearly that old, but they give the same impression of having been plucked from an earlier era and placed in a more modern community. Their design is also very typical of Tudor-style houses found across the United States.

Mary L. Moreau, who has lived in Pasadena Terrace since the 1960s, says that most of the community’s residents do their best to keep up with their homes’ maintenance and appearance. “It’s like an artist’s palette,” she said. “You don’t want to see one color too much, or it gets monotonous. You need to see the other colors, too.”
The “R” House The late owner of this home was Robert Van Valkenburgh, who built it in 1923 for himself and his wife, Helen. He was a successful architect whose work can still be seen around Southern California. One of his most recognizable projects is the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. Besides designing structures in the LA area, Van Valkenburgh also designed homes for many of Pasadena’s wealthiest families.

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