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Parkwood Estates Pasadena, TX Daycare

Pals Activity Center is a nearby child care option if you live in or near Parkwood Estates.

From Parkwood Estates, head west on Edgefield then turn left to stay on Edgefield Dr.

Turn left again on Glenmore Dr, when reaching Suiter Way, turn right. Continue Southmore Ave then turn right on Burke Rd, in a minute, you’ll our Pasadena daycare.

 View our Pasadena, TX location page for more information, or scroll down for directions from Parkwood Estates to Pals Activity Center.

Parents drive from as far as South Houston to send their children to our school because of its excellent standards and reputation.

Because we’re close by, many Parkwood Estates parents use us as a drop-off location for their children before traveling to work.

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About Parkwood Estates Pasadena, TX

Parkwood Estates is a neighborhood in Pasadena, Texas, United States. The population was 1,731 at the 2000 census. Park Place and Oak Creek Village were created for the 2010 census.

On December 20, 1955, Evelyn Bradshaw Smith wrote a letter to the editor of the Pasadena Citizen proposing the idea of a homeowners association for her neighborhood. The first organizational meeting was held on January 8, 1956, in Smith’s home with 30 people present. There were enough members current to decide that monthly dues should be fifty cents per household and an annual fee of $3 per lot. Two committees were established – membership and program. The membership committee was responsible for recruiting new members to the HOA while the program committee would plan neighborhood activities. By April, thirty-five households had joined Parkwood Estates Homeowners Association, giving them enough clout to obtain telephone service from Southwestern Bell. Since all homes used healthy water, this utility problem was solved without constructing a water line into the neighborhood.

The Parkwood Estates Pasadena was established in the 1920s by Charles A. Woodward, who developed the neighborhood to get around restrictive covenants that prevented him from building homes for African Americans on other parts of his land.
The development was planned with access to public transportation and nearby markets in mind, but it had few sidewalks and no street lights. Hence, people often walked down unpaved roads after dark or strode down unlit streets without sidewalks. In 1945, residents petitioned the City Council for a new playground, better lighting, and more sidewalks. They got their wish when those improvements were made at the cost of $32,000—about $800 per house then—but they still wanted sidewalks along all significant thoroughfares because the other upgrades did little for “the safety of little children.” By then, residents had purchased the vacant lots to the west and north to expand their small homesites.

In many inner-ring suburbs, residents pushed for better schools while objecting to proposals to put them in high-rise buildings. They were concerned about preserving their neighborhood schools, which were overcrowded by the mid-1950s. They wanted to keep black students in their community schools, not bus them to distant campuses. But they also wanted more space for their children, so Pasadena Unified School District built a new six-classroom building on an adjacent lot in 1960.

When Ford announced that it was moving its local offices from Parkwood to a new facility in San Gabriel, it donated the building to Pasadena. The city then spent $600,000—the equivalent of roughly $5 million today—to convert it into a community center and library branch.
The first African American family moved onto the street around 1960. In 1962, a year after a local black real estate broker found a developer for the white residents’ subdivision, the neighborhood was truly integrated.

The apartment complexes have been there since at least 1960.
There is a “Metro bus stop” on that block and the Metro Gold Line train station, which opened in 2003.

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