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Frontier East Pasadena, TX Daycare

You may pick the finest daycare for your child if you live in Frontier East, Pasadena, TX. Our Pals Activity Center is located less than seven minutes away.

From Frontier East, drive towards Valerie Ave then turn left on Strawberry Rd. When you reach Southmore Ave, turn right. Lastly, turn left onto Burke Rd and you’ll see our daycare.

View our location in Pasadena, TX for more information, or see our map below for directions from Frontier East to Pals Activity Center.

Because of our school’s excellent standards and reputation, parents come from as far as South Houston to enroll their children.
Many people feel that Pals Activity Center is the ideal location for their child’s preschool because of our proximity to Frontier East.

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Frontier East, Pasadena, TX

Frontier East Pasadena, Texas, is a new development in the area of East Pasadena. The residence in this community consists of only single-family homes on quarter-acre lots. It is a gated community with a guardhouse. It is located near NASA’s Johnson Space Center, just north of Gulf Freeway.

The three significant features of frontier east Pasadena are its location, size, and quality of construction.
The community is located on a peninsula within the city limits of Pasadena, one of Texas’s most significant historical communities with a diverse culture dating back to the 1930s that has been preserved for future generations.

The size of the community is a little over 100 acres in total land area. It makes this quite a unique construction in one-acre lots in terms of its location, security, and privacy it provides to the residents. There are about six to ten homes on average in one single street, which gives it a cozy neighborhood feeling.
The community has a guardhouse that is staffed with guards 24/7, making it safe for the homeowners and their families. Their homes also have a good security system to make them feel safe at night when they are away or even when they are home watching TV or enjoying time with friends and family who come over to visit. The homes in this particular community are of high quality. Their construction is very well planned to provide its residents with the best experience possible.

Having access to local parks, playgrounds, childcare facilities, and well-regarded preschools is essential for families with children.

Frontier East Pasadena is a safe place to live. The people of the area are amiable, and they have a good sense of community. There is not a lot of crime that happens in this area, which makes it a very safe place to live with your family.
The schools in this area are also great, and there are plenty of activities for parents and children to do together.
The cost of living in this neighborhood is also lower than most other places in Pasadena, which means you can save money on everyday expenses.
This area is also very close to Old Town Pasadena, a vibrant part of the city that offers various of shops and restaurants. The people who live in this area are within walking distance of Old Town Pasadena, making it even easier to enjoy all of the offers.
The housing market in Frontier East Pasadena is very active. There are many houses available, which means that it should be easy to buy the home of your dreams if you live in this area.
Frontier East Pasadena has tons of open space for people who like to walk their dogs or go on hikes with friends and family members. You can enjoy the outdoors here without having to drive hours from your home.
This area also has a lot of parks for children to play at after school. There are plenty of activities for the kids to enjoy and they will have a great time while their parents get a chance to relax.

The commute time for this neighborhood is also something that makes it an ideal place to live. You will be able to get into Downtown Pasadena very quickly, and you won’t even have to deal with traffic.
Many of the residents who live in this area work for companies on the west side of Los Angeles, and having a short commute is a great way to spend less time on the road and more time doing what you want to do.

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