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Fieldcrest Pasadena, TX Daycare

You may pick the finest daycare for your child if you live in Fieldcrest, Pasadena, TX. Our Pals Activity Center is located less than five minutes away.

From Fieldcrest, head west on Harvard toward Purdue St and turn left on Pasadena Blvd. Drive straight and turn right onto Burke Rd. In 3 minutes, you’ll reach our Pasadena Daycare center.

View our location in Pasadena, TX for more information, or see our map below for directions from Fieldcrest to Pals Activity Center.

Because of our school’s excellent standards and reputation, parents come from as far as South Houston to enroll their children.
Many people feel that Pals Activity Center is the ideal location for their child’s preschool because of our proximity to Fieldcrest.

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About Fieldcrest, Pasadena, TX

Fieldcrest Pasadena is an unincorporated census-designated place in Harris County, Texas, United States. It is located at the intersection of Buffalo Speedway (FM 1960) and Beltway 8 (Sam Houston Tollway). It is named after the company that developed the master plan for the community; it began development in 1949.
It has several subdivisions, including Fieldcrest Village, Kennedy Park, Woodland Hills, The Woodlands, Green Oaks Village, and Timberwood Park.
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Fieldcrest Village has its property owners association. It has a website where residents can buy things online from a small area shop and read about local events and news.

Having access to local parks, playgrounds, childcare facilities, and well-regarded preschools is essential for families with children.
The proximity of high-quality childcare facilities is essential for all families. Still, it is significant for families with working parents.

Fieldcrest Pasadena is located in the state of California. It’s about 14 miles east of Los Angeles and has a population of around 135,000 people.
The Pasadena community started as a small town in 1883 and increased to become an essential part of the LA metropolitan area. The climate there is surprisingly mild, considering that it sits at such a high altitude. Old Town Pasadena was built around 1895 and still stands today as a popular tourist attraction.
The first neon sign in Pasadena was installed by a man named Joseph Morgan around 1910. It was for the Owl Drug Company and stood at Colorado Boulevard and Fair Oaks Avenue. This sign had a lightbulb behind each letter to help illuminate them better. In 1912, another famous neon installation appeared on top of a rotunda building called Clifton’s Cafeteria. The sign was created by James Henry “Harry” Edwards and had animated lighting to make it stand out even more. He also designed the first neon sign in Hollywood, which was later moved to Los Angeles. This particular historic neon sign is still lit every day and has become an icon for Pasadena.
The best restaurant in Fieldcrest Pasadena is The Rose Café. They have a great gluten-free menu, and their food is always fresh and delicious.
Their prices are very reasonable, and the staff is friendly. I recommend you stop by there for lunch if you happen to be in town!

Fieldcrest Pasadena’s climate is mild even though it’s at a high altitude. It’s an essential part of the Metropolitan. It was built in 1883 and had many popular tourist attractions, including the old town Pasadena. Pasadena was also one of the first cities to have a neon sign installed. The first one was for an owl drug company that stood on Colorado Boulevard and Fair Oaks Avenue. Another famous neon installation appeared on top of Clifton’s Cafeteria, which is still lit every day.

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