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We pledge to be the #1 Pasadena daycare where pupils are encouraged and challenged to reach their full academic and social potential in a creative, friendly and safe environment.

In our daycare, we apply curriculum standards for the learning, development and care of your child from 6 weeks to 13 years old.


Your child will mostly be taught through playing and games.



Pasadena daycare
Birth – 11 months
  • Our daycare is blessed with lovely teachers that your child can easily associate with and who can always comprehend their needs.
  • We follow climatic changes and make our environment suitable for your child at all times.
  • At different moments, we observe every child to ensure they are in good condition.
Pasadena daycare
8 – 20 Months
  • "Copy what I do", it's a good technique for teaching kids in a playful manner
  • Your child will like to move around and test for taste of things maybe when they miss their mom. We have enabling environment to place them for their safety and health.
  • We boost your child's confidence to move and teach them to understand basic terms such as come, take, go e.t.c.
Pals Activity Pasadena, TX Daycare
16 – 26 Months
  • Greetings and more basic language will be introduced to your kid.
  • Your child is walking now, and it's time to learn and identify objects around like books, shoes, pencil, chairs, e.t.c.
  • Our experienced teachers will start to train your child how to give responses to their needs, feelings, and reactions.
Pals Activity Pasadena, TX Daycare
22 - 36 Months
  • Your child will be trained to communicate their needs with any teacher or their favorite one
  • At Pals Activity Center, we train your child how to show love and care for others with demonstrations.
  • We will teach your child which manner is right and which is wrong within their peers.
Pals Activity Pasadena, TX Daycare
30 - 50 Months
  • Your child will be playing with other children and learn how to relate with people.
  • Our intelligent teachers will teach your child when they need to make a report and restrict children from playing with harmful objects.
  • Your child will be encouraged to care for others and learn how to make peace.
Pals Activity Pasadena, TX Daycare
40 -60 Months
  • Your child has gotten used to people and will begin to learn how to make a request and respond to people who ask for it politely.
  • Your child will be encouraged to give opinions regularly to build their mental reasoning.
  • Matching likely items or puzzles will be introduced to enhance your child's fast thinking and learning ability.
Pals Activity Pasadena, TX Daycare
5 - 9 Years Old
  • Your child will practice their critical thinking more through solving tasks, role-playing, and even fun puzzles at this age.
  • Pals Activity Center will now teach your child more and new vocabulary that they can use for everyday conversation. They will surely love tongue twisters and more activities about literature.
  • At this stage, we focus on how we mold our children's independence. They will be taught how to decide on their own during our tasks and being mindful of their surroundings.
Pals Activity Pasadena, TX Daycare
7 - 10 Years Old
  • We will now be talking about their future. Children will share their ambitions, and we'll be doing tasks accordingly.
  • We will boost their imagination and creativity through lots of fun and educational experiments.
  • Your child will be aware of their community. They will be taught to be mindful and take care of our planet and be a responsible child.
Pals Activity Pasadena, TX Daycare
9 - 13 Years Old
  • Children will now be learning the changes in their bodies as they enter the adolescence stage. We will be learning the adjustments and changes.
  • Our young teens will be learning about emotional development. We will provide accurate and realistic learning strategies for their critical stage.
  • As they grow older, we will teach them a sense of accountability. How to be a responsible young teen, and we will be exploring social and cognitive development.
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