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Day care Center in Pasadena, Tx

Shaping The Future Generations Of Tomorrow In Thru The best


Let Us Educate Your Children

Are you looking for the premier daycare center in Pasadena, TX?

Let the Pals Activity Center do it!

We’ve been teaching and engaging Pasadena children since 1983.

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'I Can Do It' Spirit

Our outdoor and sensorial play and curriculum encourage resilience in children.

Happy Children, Better Learners

We inspire joy with our learning corners, outdoor play activities, and specialized curriculum.

Number One Choice For Your Children

Pals Activity Center provides an in-depth program to encourage the best out of each child.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our prices are fair and reasonable compared to other Pasadena daycare centers.
Pals Activity Pasadena, TX Daycare

Our Guarantee

We guarantee we’ll provide the best education for your child.

Get The Finest Daycare in Pasadena For Your Child

We are your number one choice for day care and education in Pasadena, Tx.


We have a long history of providing exceptional care to kids in Pasadena, TX. See below what the parents had to say, in their own words!

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Local Guide · 10 reviews
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4 months ago

Pals Activity Center is a wonderful daycare full of love and care. My son has been going here since October and it has been a great experience! The teachers have worked with him through his struggles and I couldn’t ask for better people to help my son grow!
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8 months ago

I have my 1 year old attending PALS since April, 2021 and I see the excitement she has in her face when i go to drop her off. She loves her teachers and they are great at communicating with me about her needs. Very clean and organized facility i highly recommended it.
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Jessica Garcia
Local Guide · 57 reviews
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3 years ago

I was employed there many years ago. I just recently went over to visit. Center has really improved. Spacious classrooms, clean, huge playground with new equipment. Mr. Thakker and Ms. Hansa are amazing. Staff is great. Facility has been there since 1996. Place is quaint !
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Jessica Tovarfsttxdxhiysi
2 reviews
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2 years ago

My kids been going on two years going here they love it and I love the staff

Spaces Are Limited!

Take the Next Step

We are licensed for a fixed number of children on a “first come, first served” basis.

Some rooms and age groups already have a waiting list. 

Take the next step now, to ensure your child has an option at this sought-after preschool. Tours of Pals Activity Center are on an entirely no-obligation basis. They give you the chance to reserve your child’s place


Book a good time to come speak with Director Deepa Rao in person. You’ll get chance to see the school first-hand and she’ll advise you on all the options available for you and your child.


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Our classrooms have standard structures that are spacious with dynamic arrangements which is prone  to make our students learn to their full potentials.


Facility quality is an important predictor of teacher retention and student learning. Our daycare in Pasadena, TX is a wondeful environment for your kids.


Safe, responsive, and nurturing environments for children to play which is an important part of supporting their learning and development is here at Pals Activity Center.

We at Pals Activity Center are dedicated to providing the highest quality early years education and care in the world. We are creating magical and engaging learning spaces infused with cutting edge pedagogy and great teachers to nurture and enhance every child’s innate curiosity, creativity and ability to be a lifelong learner. Look no further for a better Pasadena daycare!

As A Parent , What Do I Need To Know

Pasadena daycare
Children who are resilient tend to be more curious, courageous and adaptable – and they are also better learners, due to their ‘I Can Do It!’ spirit and willingness to keep trying until they succeed. At Pals, we build resilience in children through outdoor play, sensorial play and our curriculum. Look for none other than the best childcare & day care in Pasadena.

As a Child, Why Will I Love Pals Activity Center

Pasadena daycare
At Pals, we believe that happy children are better learners. In our childcare & day care in Pasadena, we inspire joy in learning through our learning corners, outdoor play activities and specialized curriculum – all of this is enabled by caring teachers who build meaningful relationships with children, joyfully engaging them in fun activities, discovery and learning.
Day Care Center Pasadena, TX